Nino Fresco

Published on 10 April 2023 at 23:24

Hey Hey ! Yall know I love Arkansas. And for me to have the pleasure to interview some of the hottest artists, producers, engineers and bloggers from this state this is big and I am excited. Today I bring to you Nino Fresco. Nino is not just an artist, but he is a Producer, Songwriter, and a record label owner. I'm excited to have someone so talented with me today. Yalll know what time it is, get your drinks or smoke and come vibe with us.


Why is music important to you?

Music is life to me, it allows me to express myself, and connect with people who are feeling the same way I am.


What is it you do? Do you like it? When did you start?

I am an artist, producer, songwriter and a record label owner. I love wearing all these hats. It allows me to maximize things to a higher standard. I've been an artist since 2008, and I didn't start producing seriously until 2016.


If it's one thing you could change in this industry, what would it be? Why?

I would change artists and producer ownership contracts. Allowing the creator to hold the masters. The reason is because for years labels benefit millions while artists and producers are seeing pennies. It's time for a new change.


Who are your top artists right now?

My top mainstream right now is Kodak Black, Lil Baby, Future, Key Glock and Brent Faiyaz.

My top Local artists right now is Ed Dolo, Cootie, D Mitch, Bic Fizzle, Landlord P, and Chris Echols. The list could go on, Arkansas too hard when it comes to music, it's hard for me to name a few.


What do you really want out of this?

I want to be able to set financial freedom and build that into other business ventures. Also, I want to help the underdog artists get the shine they need.


How is life in Arkansas?

We're a small state not too much to do if you're looking for attractions. But it's a lot of money out here to get for sure. You just got to work your move and get out the way. It can get wicked at times.


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Music allowed me to do self-therapy when needed, and also, it's provided me the residual income that's needed. Not many people are making money to pay bills from music. Really a blessing.


What do you do outside of your music career?

I'm a country boy, so I like to get out in nature go fishing, mudding, and just kicking with the family. Nowadays everyone so busy, it's refreshing just to do the simple things in life.


What made you take music seriously?

2016 I took it seriously once I decided I didn't want to have a plan B. In my mind I knew this music thing would work.


Something people don't know about you.

I'm a huge reader and intellect.


Tell your fans a fun fact about you.

I changed my artist/producer name 4 times from Snugg Jizzle to CoolKid and then to Fatboi Cooli, and now Nino Fresco (Which means CoolKid in Spanish).


Well there you have it, Nino thank you so much for taking the time to tell the people more about you! But most importantly Thank you for taking the time to vibe with me. You gotta sit with me when I get my podcast. Ths was good conversation. everyone make sure you follow his instagram page below. I wish you nothing but success!

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