Bankroll Freddie & Ed Dolo

Published on 10 April 2023 at 22:33

The Shiners

Did you know they are Arkansas's own?

Did you know that these two are all from Helena Arkansas? Did you know that these guys are connected in some way?


It all started with Bankroll Freddie. He blew up off his freestyle he did to the #ActUpChallenge called Lil Baby. It got the attention of Quality Control's CEO Pierre "P" Thomas, and he invited Bank to Los Angeles for a meet.


Freddie then released Drip like This and his mixtape Saved by the Bales. In July 2019 Quality Control released a remix to the track Drip like This featuring the late Young Dolph and Lil Baby. Shortly after Bank officially joined Quality Control's label.


Freddie doesn't get the recognition he deserves a lot but that's usually what comes with this. Keep Streaming his music and FREEHIM.


Please follow Freddie's Instagram & check out his Youtube.

Ed Dolo is from Helena as well and him and Freddie are very good friends, "my patna" in the words of Bank. Dolo been by bank side for some time since they were kids. For a while a lot of people thought Dolo was with Freddie's label. You will notice Dolo rocking the BKM chain which stands for Band Klan Mafia.


Dolo first saw success with his hit FLYH Remix feat. Dee Mula in 2018. In 2018 Dolo performed alongside Dee Mula and Bankroll Freddie. After dropping successful singles Dolo caught the attention of Quality Control's CEO Pierre "P" Thomas. Dolo Signed with QC in 2021. I had time to check out Dolo's interviews and I have to say they are worth it. If you get a chance go watch them as a upcoming artist you can learn a lot.


Shoutout to these guys management they are doing a great job with them.


Freddie's Manager - Big JImmy of CTG Music


Ed Dolo Manager - Bam of 4lanesmangement


Please follow Dolo and check out his Youtube.

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