RVA Artists is a Platform based out of Richmond, VA that helps put artists on, get more exposure and provide a platform that most cities don't have. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the person behind this platform and many more. They like to remain anonymous so please don't ask for names. Lets get into this yall know the drill, Ace got the drinks and you bring the smoke.


Who are you? Tell us where you from. 

My name is “RVA ARTISTS”  I’m from Richmond VA. I’m the creator of the rvanewznculture brand.


Where do you think you fall in the music business? 

I think I’m the best blogger in the world.


How did you get into blogging?

I went to college for liberal arts/Mass Communications. Radio and interviewing celebs on the red carpet has always been a dream of mine. During the pandemic I decided to start a blog and it ended up being the biggest and most resourceful blog in Virginia. 


Is this a career for you?

Yes this is a career for me. I blog for a living. I blog 24/7


What did you do before this?

Before blogging I worked warehouse and drove trucks.


If it’s one thing you could change in this industry, what would it be? 

One thing I would change is how people react to negative content. Negative content receives way more attention than the positive.


Do you feel like the blogger's scene competitive where you from?

No, I don’t feel like it’s competitive. I think I’m the best blogger where I’m from. I’ll let the people decide though lol


Who is your top artists right now?

The top Artists Right now is 




Has being a blogger changed your life? If so, how?

Blogging has changed my life because I get paid to do what I enjoy doing.


What do you do on your free time?

Tbh, in my free time I blog lol. Blogging really is my life. 


What would you tell your younger self? 

I will tell my younger self to trust no one and stay to yourself.


What's something people don’t know about you. 

People don’t know that I love basketball as much as blogging.


What’s a fun fact about you?

Fun fact about me is that I love staying anonymous 


Do you have any surprises for us coming up? Any collabs on the way?

Surprises? You’ll have to see lol and collabs just come as they go. Nothing is planned.


Well there you have it! The creator of RVAnewznculture as well as RVA Artists has logged out. Your such a dope individual who has provided many different avenues for artists all over the city. I hope they continue to take advantage of the opportunities you provide. I appreciate you so much for taking the time and sharing your story with us. Everyone can check out the Instagram below.