SkyWalker - CTG

Ace back with another one but today is a little different because I have a very special guest with me. Can Yall please welcome SkyWalker, celebrity manager & CEO of Change the Game. I am excited to hear his story so let's get to it yall. I got the drinks lets get itttt!


Who are you? Tell us what you do!   

I’m SkyWalker, celebrity manager & CEO of Change The Game, from Conway, AR.  CTG manages celebrity artists like Asian Doll, Just Brittany, Co Cash, White Sosa, Lil Zay, Renni Rucci, Bankroll Freddie, & many more.  I am also road manager to Duke Deuce & manage several independent artists & DJ’s like Rampage Wood, Sasha Monroe, How D. Black Do Dat, & DJ P. Smooth.


How did you get into the music scene?  

I’m originally from New York, my uncle & cousin were in the hip hop game and an affiliate of Wu Tang Klan, my great uncles were musicians, and my mother is a music lover.  So, I was raised around music and fell in love with hip hop at an early age.  I was born in 1990 so a little after the birth of hip hop and was in the Mecca of culture at that time. So, it was just in me from the start.  


When did this become a career for you?  

I began as an artist at the age of 9 and had a nice independent run and stopped recording music at the age of 23.  I also played around with Dj’ing for a few years.  During that time of being an artist I was also learning the business side of the industry from my manager @ the time.  That’s what sparked my interest on eventually becoming an executive in this industry. I began my own independent management company in 2017 called SkyWalker Management Group and I managed several independent artists for a few years before we started CTG.   

What made you take it seriously?  

At a young age I knew music was my passion.  I was always determined to be a part of the music industry.  Never really had too many other options.  I knew that I could get a nice career job and live good (which I was doing before I went full time with the music) but while I was in corporate America, I realized it wasn’t for me.  So, in 2019 I was fired from my last corporate job, and I told myself that would be the last time anyone would be able to fire me, and I went full time into the music industry.   


Do you like what you do?   

I love what I do, I would do this every day for free (which I did for years lol)  


If it’s one thing you could change in the work you do what would it be?  

I don’t think it's anything I would change in the work I do; I do want to be able to educate artists better on how the industry actually works so they have a better understanding of the BUSINESS of music & not just making music.  


Who is your top artist right now?  

My top artist I listen to on a regular right now is Larry June, Fredo Bang, & Key Glock (but I listen to damn near every artist & open to all new music)  


Has this changed your life? If so, how?  

Music has changed my life.  Music is a universal language and that’s why I love this industry.  Has changed my life obviously financially but it has also given me a better sense of self and happiness because I’m doing what I love to do every day and every day is different.  


What do you do outside of this? What’s your daily routine?  

Outside of music I love spending time with my kids (they keep me going)! I also love catching up with my friends and family when I have down time.  


What would you tell your younger self?   

I would have told my younger self instead of going to traditional college to go to an institution that was specific to the music industry.  I went to traditional college (which was a great experience) because I just thought that’s what people wanted/expected me to do instead of going with my passion.   


What’s Something people don’t know about you.   

That I LOVE alone time.  Lol I am a people person, but I love when I can be alone in my own space.   


Do you have anything coming up, any new releases, or special appearances?  

A few artists we work with have tours coming up this summer that we are gearing up for.  Two of our artists have projects dropping late this summer as well.   


Wow! I know yawl feeling this story because he went in dept about his journey. Personally, you motivated me to go even harder Sky forreal. I salute you my guy, you definitely one of them ones. If there's artists out there looking for some management or help and your serious definitely reach out. You never know where it could get you. Change The Game Management is one of the top management companies I personally recommend to artists when I'm asked. Check out his Instagram below along with CTG Instagram. I really appreciate you for taking the time to really rock out with me and share your story.