Published on 10 April 2023 at 22:20

Do you think he started the term city boys?

Guess who I have with me today? One of them ones from East Memphis. You may know him like myself from his City Boys Response to Glorilla FNF Remix. Or his new hit single with Gloss Up called "Get It From Ha Mama".


I've had the pleasure of getting to know Tre and I have to say he is one of them ones. He is very talented, and he can drop a single and pop without trying. He's Tre. He's funny. He's caring. He's human. But most importantly he's humble.


Alright let's get to it! Get your drinks if you are not a drink then you know we are 420 friendly here so roll up.


Where are you from?

East Memphis


How dd you get into the music scene?

I was playing, freestylin' in high school and BOOM everybody wanted me to rap.


When did this become a career for you?

2018-19 when I got fired from a warehouse job.


If it's one thing you could change in this industry, what would it be?

No comment


Who are your top artists right now?

I rock everybody but mainly who I'm bumpin' is Moneybagg Yo.


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Yes, I can't go everywhere I used to or do what I used too.


What do you do outside of the music scene?

I be on 2k and watch Anime. I'm a homebody, introvert type.


What made you take music seriously?

This is something my mama wanted.


What's something people don't' know about you?

I pray a lot.


Tell people a fun fact about you.

When I rock with you aint no limits.


Thank you Tre for taking the time and actually wanting to support me I appreciate you.

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