Tawk Cash Riich

Published on 10 April 2023 at 23:40

Acee baaaaackkkk! And this time I got Riich Porter or should I say Tawk Cash Riich with me straight outta Arkansas Of course!!!! I just love this. If yall don't know who he is of course I'm about to introduce him to you but do me a favor and do a little research yourself. This individual is so dope to me. His energy is amazing. So, sit back get your drink or smoke which ever fits you and vibe out with us On the Rocks today.


Why is music important to you?

Music is important to me because it provides a sense of healing. It isn’t just healing for myself but other people as well by me expressing my pain and struggles through my lyrics. I feel like my journey with the music is definitely something that a lot of people can relate to.


When did you start rapping?

I started rapping in 2012 when my best friend introduced me to the music. He would always tell me that I was living that lifestyle and how I should use the music as a way of expressing that. We started recording our music in the closet and I’ve been doing music ever since.


If it's one thing you could change in this industry, what would it be? Why?

If I could change one thing in the music industry it would be the ability for artists to have control of their royalties and publishing. I feel like during a time of crisis this would give the artists something to leave for their loved ones.



Who are your top artists right now?

My top mainstream artists would be Future, Moneyman, and Boosie.

My top local artists would definitely be Livesosa, Nic with tha Kay, and PME JB.


What do you really want out of this?

I’ve always been the kind of person to look out for those around especially when I’m in the position to do so. So overall what I really want out of doing music is to be able to give a lot of people around me different opportunities and to just be able to have my voice heard on a positive level. I want my music to influence others to overcome adversity.


How is life in Arkansas?

Arkansas honestly has a lot of hidden talent that I feel get overlooked. It has untouched talent just not the same opportunities as bigger cities, so we have to put in a little more work. Gradually I feel like we’re coming together so in the next couple of years we’ll have plenty of mainstream artists from here.


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Music changed my life because for me it’s therapy. I’m able to let my emotions and feelings out without so many opinions so it’s therapeutic. It gives me the ability to channel my energy towards something that I love to do.


What do you do outside of your music career?

Outside of my music career I’m a business owner as well. I have a clothing line called “Tawk Cash” which is the Merch for my record label. I also like to give back whenever I can so be on the lookout for a few things that I’m currently working on for this year. Other than the music and clothing I like to watch movies and spend time with my kids and family.


When did you start your record label? How is it balancing your label, business and artistry?

In 2012, I have an artist @tawkcashready who is doing good. Everything is going well. 2023 is going be a breakout year for us. We been grinding and soaking up the business side of things as well as making quality music in between. We locked in with @groundzero and @tvcammy so we just grinding till the check come.


What made you take music seriously?

In 2018 I lost my patna Zola, the one that introduced me to the music. One thing that he told me was that I was his favorite artist and whatever happens, just keep going. About 2-3 weeks later he passed away. That’s something that definitely stuck with me, so I feel like it’s my mission to carry out the legacy.


What do you think Zola would want you to do in this moment?

For us to stick together, stay positive, take care of our families and keep dropping, keep grinding and don't let nothing get in our way.


What's something people don't know about you?

Something that some people may not know about me is my passion for old school cars and one day I would like to eventually rebuild my own motor for one.


Tell ya fans a fun fact about you.

One fun fact about me is that I can be chill but also the life of the party. I like to see people smile and be around both positive vibes and energy.



Well there you have it! I definitely need to purchase a few sets from your brand. I've had the chance to check them out and as yall can see they are dopeeee. Orange and black my favorite colors (had to throw that out there) haha. But honestly I want to say thank you for taking the time to rock out with me. I really appreciate you and hope to do business in the near future. Everyone please follow his other Instagram pages below.

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