Published on 15 November 2023 at 10:26

Heyyyy yall, you know who it is Big Ace back with another one. Today I have Baltimore's own PettyMoneyy in the building with me today. If yall haven't had the chance to check him out now is the time. Let's get into it, I got the drinks and today PettyMoney got tha za ya hear me!


Wassam, tell the people who don't know who you are and where you from.

I'm Pettymoney and I'm from Baltimore, Laurens and The Avenue 1100, but I be out da 44 now.


Okay okay which side of town is that?

Laurens and the Avenue is over west zone 17. And zone 44 is also over west Baltimore but the county part. 


Okay I thought so. So how did you get into the music scene?

I got into music a lil when I was young never took it seriously, but my people never supported me my mother still doesn't but hey she will see the bigger picture soon.


It's so crazy how you would think our family and friends would support us first but nope they tend to always be the last ones catching on. Would you make this a career?

This is my career I got too many ppl counting on me to blow. 


What made you take this seriously?

I took it seriously when my brother died, longlive#3. He was the only family at the time who believed in me and all he wanted was for me to be serious and put him ina song, so I honor him every time I step in the booth.


Thats hard, I like that. You have purpose behind this that no one can take from you. If it's one thing you could change in this industry, what would it be?

If I could, it would be the labels. People be stuck in shitty deals/contracts that don't help their career, just manipulate their talent for personal reasons.


I definitely agree. If they going sign have someone who knows what's going on within the industry to help them look over the contract along with a lawyer. It's a lot of secretive things in those fine prints. Would you sign if it was presented to you?

Yeah, sure.


How is the music scene in your city? Anything different compared to other places you've been or seen?

Baltimore just so talented from east to west to south to the county it just be like if everyone came together, we a be as united with each other and strong like Memphis or ATL


Nah forreal, I say the same. But forreal it takes people like yourself to make that happen. Someone has to put that foot forward and make it happen. Who are your top artists right now?

Da guyz of course. No specific from Coop, Cash, Kevy, Ant, Kodo, BB, Gfrbillz, Lor West and a couple of dem Motion Team nigg*s Shoutout to da guys man.


Okaaay I'm feeling how you shouted everybody out and you kept it home team first. Do you feel like music has changed your life? If so, how?

Music changed me for the better just a positive outlet for me and my people and my youngins cause all we really know is the streets. 


I like that. You always thinking positive and including the ones around you. What do you do outside of the music scene?

That a get me indicted but I like to travel and drop that bag ina mall😂or restaurant.


You know whaaat haha we going leave that where it's at. I know I see you always eating somewhere good and traveling. If you could have a conversation with your younger self what would you tell yourself?

I'd tell myself I should've stuck to rapping I would have blew by now I just wasn't motivated or have that drive.


That's real. What's something people don't know about you.

Even though my name Petty I'm prolly da coolest most down to earth person if you need help I help you whether its getting money or str8up just life.


Yall he aint lying either. He cool as hell and a great friend fasho outside of this music business. We really friends and that's what makes this interview even more lit. I'm learning more about him just like you all. So, let's really get to what we been waiting for, are you dropping anything soon?

I'm working on this new tape called 44yungins basically depicting my lifestyle and who the 44Yungin really is.


Well there yall have it, my boy Petty Money done came through to kick it with Ace. I appreciate you as always I look forward to your next drop. If yall haven't had the chance to check him out I have some videos below and also his Instagram page is linked below. 

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