Skreeetmoney Sheed

Published on 31 May 2023 at 22:01

Heyyyy yall Ace back with another one. This time I got me someone special from Norfolk. You my first artist from Norfolk, so represent nie. Yall know how this goes I got the drinks and you bring the papers. Lets hear his story. 


Who are you? Tell us where you from.
 I’m Sheed go by the name Skreeetmoney Sheed I’m from Norfolk Virginia.

Are you signed? Or how you feel about signing?
Got my own Independent label SkreeetFactory tbh I’ll sign if the situation sounds right not jus signing to anyone. 

How did you get into the music scene?
I always loved music since a kid that always been my peace as I got older I start to desire it more then few friends told me start rapping.

Is this a career for you yet?

Tbh yess it is but not fully to we’re I can totally survive off jus music but this is a daily occupation.


What made you take it serious?

The fans my family me loving what I do and having quality control and I wasted time not knowing things that I know now so it’s different at this point.

If it’s one thing you could change in this what would it be?

I mean for the world to jus take a break n tune into all the talent we got in Virginia.

How is the music scene in ya state/city? Anything different compared to other places you’ve been or seen?

7The music scene in Virginia is hard to explain we have lack of support but we need bigger platforms in outlets in Virginia and the people who got the power to help jus don’t shine the light in the city properly so it makes it harder for the world to grab hold of us verse Memphis we’re u got people like Gotti then Black Youngsta then MoneyBagg Yo which he help them with they platforms and they all have they own label under CMG but it’s situations like that that helps the scene we don’t have a NBA YoungBoy or a Durk in our city but soon it’s gone change 🤞🏽

Who is your top artists right now?

Right now probably be Rico Cash  Wizz havin YTB FATT hunxho.

Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Yes it have it makes u go a lil harder cuz so many people watch then it’s like some times u don’t want eyes.

What do you do outside of the music scene?

I manage other artists/ sale cars / property renovations travel spend time with family.

What would you tell your younger self?

Go hard credit n yo name means everything 

Something people don’t know about you.

Got soft spot for kids basketball coach.

Do you have any surprises for us coming up? Any new music on the way?

Yes I have 2 new tapes on the way 600degreez and Diary of The Skreeets  also got few features with Stunna 4 Vegas Yungmal Julio Foolio YRN Mango Foo got sum special up my sleeve jus stay tuned.


Well there yall have it, Skreeetmoney Sheed! Thank you so much for stopping through telling us your story. Ace rocking with you all the way just know that. I look forward to those tapes too, I know you goin come crazy on both. Yall stay tuned and follow his Instagram below.

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