Published on 28 April 2023 at 12:00

Hey yalll, how yall today? I got my first Baltimore Artist with me today. Yall ready get into it? Aight now, you know the deal. Get ya drinks, ice, roll ups and let's get to it.


Who are you? Tell us where you from. 

Everybody know me by Nard but to the industry I’m known as “FNF CEO Nard” formally known as “FNF Giv3nchy” 


How did you get into the music scene?

Honestly music been a part of my life journey for more than 15+ years. My brother who got killed back in 2020, his name was Man man. A lot of people in the streets may know him as “savage” or “hype”, bro used to always walk around always rapping & rhyming. He motivated me and gave me the encouragement to actually feel comfortable enough to start recording & producing music. 


Would you make this a career?

Music is more than a career to a person like myself. It’s a lifestyle, that I’ve dedicated a lot of energy, blood, sweat & tears into. 


What made you take it seriously?

Honestly, I got to say when I started losing close relatives and friends to gun violence, drug abuse, and Covid-19. Music was an outsource for releasing pain. 


If it’s one thing you could change in this, what would it be?

I’d say the way I interacted with certain individuals that never deserved my time in the first place. Spending too much time with other people's situations slowed down my process of evolving the way I know I can. 


How is the music scene in your city? Anything different compared to other places you’ve been or seen?

If we referring to where I’m from which is Baltimore, MD, everything is starting to evolve. A lot of people are being looked at by the industry. We are underrated but definitely have nothing but talent in the city. When we speak on Richmond, VA which is second home. None of the artist come together. It’s a shit show when it comes to actually maneuvering and showing love. Everybody rather hate on each other than to actually work together and get to the bag. 


Who is your top artist right now?

Honestly, if we talking city wide I’m banking on myself every time, but far as artist in the industry signed.. that’s kinda hard.. I don’t have a favorites, I just got people I take a liking to. 


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Yes, I’d definitely would say that music has changed my life tremendously. I started recording more, which make me not really wanna go outside and do the same stuff I used to regularly do, that would get me into trouble, I feel more levelheaded.


What do you do outside of the music scene? 

Travel around, shop, eat good. Regular civilian activity but still move accordingly. 


What would you tell your younger self? 

This is a good one, but to stop & think before acting on certain situations. 


Something people don’t know about you. 

 I have really good intuition.


You dropping anything soon?

I have a ep about to release “6 Figures” so make sure you tell people to be on the lookout for my new material. It’s been 3 years since my last release “Clive Christian”. A lot has occurred, but I’m back, refreshed & better than ever. Stay tuned for more content releasing summer 2023’.


Well, there we have it. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your story with us Nard. Yall heard em' he got some heat dropping soon so be on the lookout. 


Check out his Instagram below.

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