Money Marc

Published on 1 May 2023 at 15:23

Heyyy yall I got one of my favorites outta North Carolina with me today. I can't wait til you guys meet him! I'm not spoiling to surprise so come onnn get yall drinks and roll us one. Let's go!


Who are you? Tell us where you from. 

Money Marc rapper out of Charlotte, NC🤘 


How did you get into the music scene?

I never really took it serious until about 2020 but it’s in me for sure it’s not something I just chose to do. It chose me. My pops is a song writer as well he wrote a couple songs that’s big today in the industry.


Would you make this a career?

Yeah, at first like I had mentioned I never took it seriously I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I was trying to find a different route to go crazy with, but you can’t just throw away true talent and passion. 


What made you take it seriously?

August 2020 the mother of my oldest daughter passed away something just sparked inside of me, and I felt it was time to turn things up a notch. 


If it’s one thing you could change in this, what would it be?

I’d say the art of what’s popping right now I don’t feel like a lot of music genuine no more. I'm not against it but I’m not a huge fan of the trendy stuff I’m more of a heartfelt guy. 


How is the music scene in your city? 

Not just Charlotte but the Carolinas period coming crazy. We on the come up. It’s a lot of versatility and new sounds coming from our away, we the new Atlanta.  


Anything different compared to other places you’ve been or seen?

I feel like we majorly slept on. I’m not gone say other cities aren’t, but the Carolinas got some real talent, males and females. 



Who is your top artist right now?

Me, I’m betting on my myself every time.


I love that. That's how this question really supposed to be answered. Not saying other answers are wrong butt the confidence I heard in that answer and just you knowing you're a star.


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Yes, it gives me an opportunity to get things off my chest in a creative way. I’m not just your ordinary artist I really make meaningful music I feel like. Everything is purposeful. Without music I’d be full of mixed emotions. 


What do you do outside of the music scene? 

Take of my daughters and work towards being an all-around better person, I’m in a deep self-reflecting stage right now. 


What would you tell your younger self? 

Strive for more. Don’t have any limitations because the skies the limit. 


Something people don’t know about you.

I’d rather the people around me shine rather than myself even though I’m an MC, I’m more of a behind the scenes type of person I’m still learning to open up and still getting used to being in front of cameras and stuff like that. 


You dropping anything soon?

"I’ll Be Fine” (Deluxe) dropped on 4/28/23 ON ALL PLATFORMS🤘 


There yall have it! Go check out "I'll Be Fine" (Deluxe) on all platforms and check out his Instagram below. Marc I just wanna say congratulations on all of your success and I am proud of you! If nobody else tell you Ima tell you. Just watching you grow in the last few months forreal I know you're getting closer and closer. I wannabe the first to say Congratulations. Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story and as you know I'm rooting for you all the way. 

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