Published on 2 May 2023 at 14:44

Heyyyy Yall Ace back with another one of Richmond's own. This time we in the south with itttt. My guy Credd with us today. I been waiting for him to tap in and now we here. 


C Redd let's give em something to talk about. I got my drink of course on the rocks, we just need some roll ups for yall smokers. Let's get to it. 


Who are you? Tell us where you from. 

C Redd I’m from southside pushin NH6IX0WE,


How did you get into the music scene?

been round it my whole life just decide to put my lifestyle and what I see every day on tracks.


Would you make this a career?

I would definitely make it a career who wouldn’t wanna get paid for putting words together. 


What made you take it seriously?

once I understood how different and versatile, I can get depending on how I’m flying at first, I just made music fa me because I like listening to myself or my brothers and a couple RVA artist other than industry artists. 


If it’s one thing you could change in this, what would it be?

Nothing I’ll live it all again twice just too make sure it’s real cause das what made me I wouldn’t change me fa nobody.


How is the music scene in your city? Anything different compared to other places you’ve been or seen?

My music scene in my city it truly has a lot of talent and a couple artist making a lot of noise all over other than just here so I feel like my city on the verge of blowing just soo much hate and envy, so it’s gone take much longer. 


Who is your top artist right now?

Who is my top artist I fw yak and Lil Baby, Durk, Hot Boii it’s a couple artist that on my top list? 


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Music has changed my life given me another outlet to voice my opinion or tell my story so for that I’m truly thankful because if I don’t know you, I’m not the type to tell you anything. 


What do you do outside of the music scene? 

Outside of music I breed dogs “Exotic Pawz” real estate anything to get to some money. 


What would you tell your younger self? 

Trust your gut it's never wrong and head up cuz this world a cold place.


Something people don’t know about you. 

I don't know lol


Are you dropping anything soon?

Yeaa I’m dropping my next single "Hard 2 Cope".


That just made my day knowing you bout to drop something soon. Now I have something to look forward too. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us I appreciate you. Yall go check out his Instagram below. 

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