Published on 11 April 2023 at 00:30

Hey yalllllll guess who I have today? Mr. VaughnToolit himself. I call him by his ig name lol (Callmetoolit) I'm really excited to introduce him to the world. He is so talented and an all-around great person. He is from Richmond, Virginia; the east end to be exact. For my readers that don't know about Richmond, VA you have northside, west end, east end and the south! We will cover artists from all sides. Right now we in the east end.


Why is music important to you?

Growing up I had a lot of anger problems and music always played a big part in helping me get through anything I was feeling even to this day music helps me overcome a lot. Music helps me express myself in ways I can't do on the regular.


When did you start rapping?

I had a song with a group of friends in 2019 but I really didn't start taking it serious until 2021.


If it's one thing you could change as an artist what would it be?

If I could change something I would want to change music forever like Lil Wayne and more have done. I wanna be known for something big, something that stands out.


Who is your top artist(s) right now?

1-5: NBA YoungBoy, Trippie Redd, Skimasktheslumpgod, Shordie Shordie, John Mayer.


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

Music has changed my life in a big way, a lot of big ways. Like I mentioned earlier music played a big part in my life. I can say the biggest change would be how I think now. I've done some shows out of the city and it made me see where I wanna be in life.


What do you do outside of your music career?

I am a chef outside of music.


What made you take music serious?

When people around me started really listening to my music. Like lyft drivers and teachers from my school, even my grandpa.


What's something people don't know about you?

There's a lot people don't know about me, I'm really closed off.


Well there you have it! Mr. Toolit is also a Chef. I learn something new everyday. I might need to hire you to come cook for me one day lol but forreal you are truly a dope ass person. Everyone please check out his music and follow his Instagram below. I'll see you guys next week On the Rocks!

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