Lor Breezy

Published on 8 July 2024 at 13:17

Heyyy Yall Ace back with another one, today we have another Baltimore Native. Yall know how I feel bout them talented Baltimore Artists, yall all have a special place in my heart. The city is full of talented people but I feel like the artists are so slept on. But todayyy we getting into it. I'm go head let him introduce himself. I got the ice and the drinks of course yall know how this goes we on the rocks!


Tell the people who you are and where your name came from. 
Breezy (breez) just a neighborhood nickname


What side of Baltimore you from?

East Baltimore (Curley and Orleans, DDH)

Okayyy "OvaEast" as they would say. haha Tell me how did you get into the music scene?
In 2018 I was on house arrest bored and ended up writing my first song.


Wow that's all it took huh? If this isn’t already something you consider your career, would you make this a career?

When would you say you started taking it seriously?
2019 was a serious year, but 2023 and 2024 I been really putting the work in.

If it’s, one thing you could change in this industry, what would it be?
Everything, half of the industry that I listen to really sold out from where they came from, they need real back in the industry.

I definitely agree with you on that. I feel like a lot of the industry watered down now. How is the music scene in your city? Anything different compared to other places you’ve been or seen?
The music scene here it’s finally catching some fire, it’s a good look. Every time I go out of town, or I’m really tapped in a lot of places run the same politics as us.

Yeah, that's why I tell people they sleep on Baltimore music scene. Who is your top artist right now?
BRM Stuntin

Do you feel like music changed your life? If so, how?
Music didn’t change anything crazy, but after being around, I just see people different.

What do you do outside of the music scene? 
Me and my guys move around a lot, this last year we been making a lot of outta state moves.

What would you tell your younger self? 
Watch who you keep around you, and don’t believe what someone tell you till you seen it prior.

Tell us something people don’t know about you. 
I use music as a coping mechanism, I can’t just make music, I need to go through situations so when people think I’m in a hiatus I’m really just living my testimony, you’ll hear it in the music.

So, it's like a therapy for you, your testimony. You dropping anything soon?
I just dropped a tape in December of 2023
I just dropped an EP April 2024
I’m working on music videos and another tape for the summer.


Okay we have somethings to look forward to. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to kick it with me today and I wish you nothing nut success and abundance. Yall be on the looking out for his upcoming drops and check out his Instagram below. We outtttttttttttt!

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