100 Raccs

Published on 30 May 2023 at 15:05

Well well well guess who I have today yall? Mr. 100 Raccs Himself. & No, we still not showing face haha I know yall want this just as much as I do so let's get to it! I got the drinks, yall bring the roll ups!


Who are you? Tell us what you do! 

I’m a producer shit I be making beats frfr I’m just a laidback nigga who make sweet ass beats. 


How did you get into the music scene?

2020 I was bored during pandemic I was just telling myself I was gone start with the producing because I use to do it as a hobby when I was in high school but i quit so many times and 2021 I told myself I was gone lock in for good and Go Crazy 


When did this become a career for you?

I wouldn't look it as a career of course I want to eventually live off my music, but I do it because I fuck with just building some now, I’m helping create a whole new culture in Richmond and other cities too. 


If it’s one thing you could change in the work you do what would it be?

Consistency I make beats two days out the week if I could lock in and try to achieve that everyday I could definitely flood the city.


Who is your top artist right now?

If you talking like just impact of what I seen from parties and clubs, it’s Traptize Ky and Waddie 


Has music changed your life? If so, how?

I mean yeah and no I still do the same shit I did before mfs get so caught in the local fame and lose themselves, I’m still staying down until my time come. 


What do you do outside of the music scene?

Play the game and work I’m boring frfr I don’t be interested in none I’ll probably take a trip but for the most part I’m boring. 


What made you take it serious?

I’ll say after Burkett by ( CWB Trel ) Rio Flow ( Traptize Ky ) and Faced by ( CGglizzay) all dropped in April and mfs was hitting me none stop for beats and then n*ggas were sending money so I’m like itee bet I’m in this shit now. 


Something people don’t know about you. 

Shid a lot ion really want to be that type of person who all up in the spotlight I'm ducked off and private. 


Do you enjoy what you do?

Yeah, it’s lifestyle. 


I know one thing, if he don't do nothing he going make some beats and keeo it real. That's why I love him. Raccs one of my top producers no lie, If you know me you know he one of my top producers. Thank you Raccs I appreciate yoou for stopping by and telling us your story. Yall check out his Instagram below if you want to get some beats!

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