Big Slixc

Published on 11 April 2023 at 02:05

Who is Big Slixc?

Slixc is an artist from Arkansas who is also one of Bankroll Freddie's artists with Band Klan Mafia also known as BKM. If you check out Bank's interview with Paid Thoughts Podcast he mentioned Slixc as his righthand man, his brother and next up.


I've been following Slixc for almost 2 years and he has dropped 3 tapes and 3 singles since. Slixc dropped his single Released November 2022 after being released. Since then he has dropped another video and single P Jesus.


Slixc has other songs available with Memphis&Arkansas own YTB Fat who just signed to BreadGang, And also Arkansas own Ed Dolo who is signed with QC. Be on the lookout for Slixc cause he breaking through fasuree.


Check Slixc's Instagram & Youtube below.

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